Code of Conduct

I. No Cheating/Glitching
  No cheating or glitching is permitted whatsoever. No matter what the reason may be to want
to cheat, we are a legitimate clan and do not allow cheating!

**NOTE : If you think anyone in the clan is cheating please come and privately talk with one of the generals, thank you!**

II. Loyalty
We strive to be a friendly and welcoming gaming clan where people are free to join our community without any major commitments.  We understand that many of our members may seek to join more competitive clans for a specific game, and that is fine with us, because we don't focus on competitiveness.  Instead we try to focus our energy on creating a community based on a foundation of friendship and mutual respect.  We welcome everybody regardless of their particular skill level in a game.

III. Chain of Command
  We use a ranking system very similar to the military. Each rank must listen to their
superior rank.

IV. Clan Participation
We understand that real life commitments sometimes prevent some people from participating as much as they would like to, and we understand that.  We welcome you to join our Teamspeak whenever you can, and strive to make everyone feel at home.  We hope this will encourage you to come by and hang out, not because it is required, but becuase you want to.

  For those members that are actively participating on a regular basis, and/or helping out the clan in
any way promotions, badges and medals will be given out.

V. Promotions, Positions, Awards & Medals
Positions will be given based on the following criteria:
-Leadership skills

Awards, promotions and medals will be given based on the following criteria:

VI. Behavior
All members will respect each other regardless of their age, gender, nationality, race,
religious beliefs/creed, or sexual orientation.

VII. Solicitation
  No selling, trading, or soliciting any products using FoG as a middle man.